Carl Stien – Winter Delights Episode 1

Written by on 27/12/2020

At the end of this tragic year, we look forward to the next year 2021, which is already showing its gaze. During the past months, music has continued to be part of our life, our existence and our soul. We are human beings and we will survive this pandemic that has changed our lives and our perception of reality. But there is something that will never change and that is the fact that listening to music will always be part of being human. With this new musical collection I wish you peace.

On this occasion, I present you a collection of percussive, organic and delicate music where synthesizers hypnotize the mind with subtle melodies and harmonies, capable of moving the soul and where hypnotic sounds create a universe of brilliant and very elegant music. Our guests are:

“Sundance” by Dobule Touch & Reigan (Original Mix), MAGICIAN ON DUTY
“Das Lied Vom Stillschweigen” by Powel (Original Mix), ALL DAY I DREAM
“A Can’t No Longer Hide” by Somelee & Aden Ray (Original Mix), ODISSEY
“Above The Clouds” by Doyeq (Original Mix), TRYBESof
“Sea Parade” by Tim Green (Original Mix), SANTI RADIO MOSCOW
“Maitri” by Tibor Dragan (Original Mix), AMULANGA
“Khimiya” by M.O.S. (Extended Mix), ANJUNADEEP
“The Prelude” by Double Touch (Original Mix), MAGICIAN ON DUTY
“Sumtra” by Meeting Molly” (El Mundo & Zazou Remix), KIKSUYA RECORDS
“Callisto” by Momo Khani & Meindel (Extended Mix), ISLAND MOODS

Thanks to all the artists and labels for their extraordinary contribution.
Carl Stien, December 2020

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